• July 2017 Middle School Revision Program for Students in years 7 - 9

    Monday 3 July to Friday 7 July
    For students in years 7,8 and 9


    The Middle School Revision and Skills Development Program consists of:

    5 hours of Study Skills broken up into one hour a day for the five days. It consists of units such as time management, goal setting and learning strategies and aims to improve the consistency and efficiency of students’ study time.

    10 hours of subject revision broken up into two hours a day for the five days. These classes aim to repair any weaknesses that a student has and create a firm foundation of knowledge that will facilitate success in the new term.

    10 hours of Maths and English extension focusing on Problem Solving and Creative Writing. Just like our revision classes these are teaching programs and capable students are encouraged to enrol.

    A Successful Program

    Students attending holiday revision classes report that they feel more confident engaging in class room discussions and achieve more success in assignments and assessments.

    Tuition Fees

    $260 per subject – 10 hours of revision.

    $130 for the Study Skills – 5 hours of teaching.


    Monday 3 July to Friday 7 July

    Choose one subject per timeslot

    9.30am to 10.30am (5 hours of teaching)
    Study Skills Year 7, $130
    Study Skills Year 8, $130
    Study Skills Year 9, $130
    10.40am to 12.40pm (10 hours of teaching)
    English Year 8 - Revision, $260
    English Year 8 - Extension & Creative Writing, $260
    Mathematics Year 9 - Extension & Problem Solving, $260
    Mathematics Year 9 - Revision, $260
    1.10pm to 3.10pm (10 hours of teaching)
    English Year 7 - Revision, $260
    English Year 7 - Extension & Creative Writing, $260
    Mathematics Year 8 - Revision, $260
    Mathematics Year 8 - Extension & Problem Solving, $260
    3.20pm to 5.20pm (10 hours of teaching)
    Mathematics Year 7 - Revision, $260
    Mathematics Year 7 - Extension & Problem Solving, $260
    English Year 9 - Revision, $260
    English Year 9 - Extension & Creative Writing, $260

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